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Client's Testimonials

“Phoenix did an exceptional job. Their conception, wonderful work flow, creativity and understanding of change requests made any project a dream. I would highly recommend them to anyone as a great addition to the their team. I found them to be friendly, articulate & great people to work with & would recommend them to anyone looking for their expertise”

​​Siva Nair, Network Analyst, Telehop

“Phoenix understands what it takes to get real work done out in the field and they also understands how to link that back into the processes and budgets managed in the office. They would be great in a role where they can make things happen.”

Kevin Hickey, VP, Engineering & Operations, TeraGo Networks

“I had the pleasure of working with Phoenix while at Ericsson. They are very detailed with a strong attention to customer needs. I would recommend Phoenix in a technical or project management capacity."

​​Tim Kwan, Acting Director, Customer Marketing, TELUS

“I have had the pleasure of working with Phoenix during their work with both Ericsson and Primus where they demonstrated an indepth knowledge and expertise in the realm of fiber optics. Over the years, however, I have come to know Phoenix as being very committed and dedicated professionals in everything they have ventured to try.
I would highly recommend Phoenix as their dedication and skills are unmatched in this industry."

​​Cathy Pilon, President, testworX

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